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What computer programs should you learn for a better job?

For graphics design you normally need QuarkXpress, Photohsop, Illustrator. Recently Adobe introduced Adobe InDesign, trying to compete with QuarkXpress. The demand for Adobe InDesign seems to be increasing.

For Web Site design you need to know Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photohsop, HTML. Macromedia Dreamweaver allows you to create static web sites. Macromedia Flash allows you to create animation and insert it into the Dreameraver page or just create a page all with Flash. Photoshop lets you create graphics for the web site.

For administative work the minimum requirement is Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel. Knowing Microsoft PowerPoint will give you an edge. Other programs that would be advantages to know in the order of importance are: Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks Pro, Microsoft Acces, Microsoft Windows.

For computer repair technician or help desk it is good to have an A+ certification. The A+ certification consists of 2 test. One test is for hardware and the other one is for operating systems like Microsoft Windows.


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